An extraordinary day in search of the great whales that inhabit the Mediterranean and travel along the coast of our Riviera, once named “Costa Balenae” by the Romans .


Have a unique experience on the open sea – come along to seek out and admire dolphins and whales in their natural habitat at the International Cetacean Sanctuary.

The “Santuario dei Cetacei Pelagos“, which covers the stretch of sea between Liguria, Elba and Corsica, was established in 1993 by Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco as a testimony to the international significance that the phenomenon has reached in recent years – it aims to protect more than 2000 cetaceans belonging to eight different species that populate the Ligurian Sea.

The excursion lasts about 4 hours, heading out to the open sea, with departures from 4 small ports on the Ligurian Riviera: Imperia Porto Maurizio, Andora, Laigueglia, San Remo, Bordighera.

In the late morning transfer to the Port of San Remo to board a motorboat, where with the help of a marine biologist you will embark on this exciting voyage lasting about 4 hours (from departure of the last embarcation point), in search of whales, sperm whales and dolphins.

After leaving the last port of embarkation behind, after 30 minutes of navigation towards the open sea, we arrive at a depth of 2,000 – 2,500 meters, where the possibility of sightings is the greatest. From this moment you will participate actively with the equipment of the motorboat in the activity of sightings, keeping in mind that it is necessary to have patience and determination.

This day trip is suitable for people of all ages and it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a windproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, sun cream and packed lunch!

It is possible to make a booking up to 24 hours before the outing..

Arrive with your booking voucher at embarkation 30 minutes before departure.

The excursion will only take place with a minimum of 50 passengers. The Company and/or the Captain reserve the right to cancel or delay the departure for reasons of force majeure and/or adverse marine weather conditions.

No blame will be accorded to the Company for any delay, suspension or partial suspension of service in relation to weather and sea conditions, for reasons of force majeure, whatever the causes may be..

In case of cancellation an SMS will be sent before 10.30 the morning of the same day the service takes place, except in cases when the Captain (individual in charge of safety on board) for reasons of unforeseen changes in the weather conditions at sea, is not possible to begin or continue with the voyage and decides to return to port.

Excursion available from June to September for individual clients, on the dates indicated below.

Departures from San Remo:


July: EVERY  Tuesday – Thursday – Friday – Sunday

August EVERY Tuesday – Thursday – Friday – Sunday

September: 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – 9 – 11 – 13 – 14 -16 – 18 – 20 – 21 -23 – 25 – 28 -30

October: 2

The tour will not take place in cases of adverse weather conditions.



  • Excursion in motorboat lasting approximately 4 hours from the last port of embarcation.


  • meals.
  • anything that is not explicitly stated in “the excursion includes”.


Escursioni per i bambiniON A TRIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN

This whale watching trip is absolutely recommended for families because it allows your children to see the great whales of the Ligurian Sea in their natural habitat: something that they will never forget!



It is mandatory to book the trip at the following telephone numers: (0039) 3921376120 or (0039) 3920052191. Or you can book the trip sending an email via the form at this page.

You can book you trip at the following days and times:

  • All days
  • From 1 January to 30 June and from 12 September to 31 December: from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 17:00
  • From 1 July to 11 September : orario continuato dalle 9:00 alle 17:30

At the moment of the reservation you will be asked: date when the service will be used, n. of adults, n. of children, telephone number, port of embarcation.

In the event the watching is not made, you can use the same ticket. Hold your ticket and book your excursion again.